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This is the web page that I kept when I was at CSU, Chico. It is no longer being regularly updated, but I have mirrored it on my domain (Capricorn.org) because it contains some useful information. Don't expect all sorts of new stuff to show up here, but if you find something that looks broken, go ahead and drop me a line. I'll fix it.
Welcome to my home page!  Isn't there something else that you should be doing right now?  Well, I suppose since you are here I might as well try to make it worth your while.

This page does not have a sign on it that says 'under construction'.  Like, DUH it's under construction.  Practically everything on the entire web is under construction, by now that should just go without saying.  So no sign, no banner no nothing.  Try not to act too surprised.

What's up with this page?

My name is not Akira.  I picked it up as a nickname ('handle' for those of you who know the term) when I was BBS-ing in the eighties.  Since then, the name has pretty much stuck.  It is my Unix login here at school, and I am accustomed to getting email addressed to me as such.  If someone were to call me by that name in person though, it would take me a sec to figure out who they meant. 

I pretty much live in two places.  I am a student at California State University, Chico, so I spend most of my time there working on my computer science degree.  Whenever I have a break I am usually down in the San Francisco Bay Area.  That is the reason for the two groups of links at the top.  Stuff that is of a less localized interest appears below.

Website of the Week

Even if you don't care one wit about Linux or window managers, anyone interested in the philosophy of software engineering should read the 'worse is better' and 'cathedral and the bazaar' articles found under the 'food for thought' section of their general information.

Okay, those articles seem not to be there anymore. Why not Google for them?



I have a Convergent Technologies T0-100 dumb terminal (the ones that used to be in OCNL 241 here in Chico) that I am looking for information on. I've had it for about a year now and it works great, but there are some peculiarities that I can't figure out. If anyone out there knows anything about this terminal, *please* email me! Thanx...

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