Dan Potter



Hi there. I'm Dan, and this is my Web page. But then, you probably noticed that already didn't you? I am currently enrolled at CSU Chico, working towards a degree in Computer Science. What else can I say? I like pizza and ice cream (mint chocolate chip, if you please) and burritos from La Costeña. I don't have a real picture of myself, so I asked Mickey up there if he would be kind enough to stand in for me untill such a time as I have one.

This page, or set of pages really, isn't held together by anything other than the fact that everything here struck my fancy at one time or another. Hope you like it! I'm always adding things when I have the time. Like now for instance. By all rights I should be writing an english paper right now but this is much more interesting. ;-)

I guess that's it for now. Hey, if you're as big a procrastinator as I am, why not send me some e-mail! Check the addresses up top. Oh, and I almost forgot - click on the mouse to finger me. (That's a Unix thing, not a sexual reference) Chaio!

- Dan

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