Chico Links

This list it totally subject to my personal bias, whims and interests. If you want a totally representative cross section of Chico, try the telephone directory. :-)

City of Chico, California

City of Chico web site
Here is what the City of Chico has decided it wants to present to the world. Yay, everybody look. Whoppie.

Chico Chamber of Commerce
I have heard that the Chamber of Commerce in most cities has interesting information. I don't know about this one, I have never really looked.

Radio Stations

Colors 92.7
This is actually the station that I listen to the most, even if their name is sort of lame.

93.9 KFM
These guys have had some of the coolest little promo spot thingies that I have heard. They play music, too! :-)

96.7 KZAP
I can't figure these guys out, they play some music that really sucks and then they play some music that you turn up really loud and bob your head and sing to, and then your roommate thinks you are really trippin'...but I digress...

106.7 Z-ROCK
I actually don't listen to this station very often, but they are on a button in my truck so I guess they deserve mention.



El Rey

Movies 10

Computer sources

Chico PC
I usually go to Compucell on Nord Ave, but I don't think they have a web site. The guy there is cool, you can go there looking for strange bits and pieces (case in point: a serial port backplane thingey) and if he can find one in back he'll look at it and think for a second and then say like he had it planned all along "Five bucks."


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