My Virtual Friends

Here are some links to home pages belonging to people I know. This is almost but not quite the official Paly grads mailing list homepage collection. If your homepage doesn't appear here and I know who you are, then send mail to Akira's Aid For The Homepage-Less ( and tell me who you are, what you do and what your URL is.

Someday I will put this list in something resembling some sort of order. Really! I will! Honest!

UPDATE: Since most of these links have become broken over the last ten years, they have been removed.

Steve's Home Page
The page of the one they call Steve.

Jon's Home Page
"The Plad Page"

A Home Page pertaining to Owen.

Ben's Home Page
A.K.A. Karlie the Ben of Loys
Get the inside scoop on the Big Apple
*NEW AND IMPROVED* Now with the enhanced STAIN-FIGHTING power of HTML TABLES. Gets your whites whiter, your blacks blacker, and your neighbor's cat to look like a small furry creature from Alpha Centauri.

Brendan's Home Page
A deeply moving work depicting a virtual expression in minimalism. HTML layout and design has been taken to a higher, more Zen level.

Although she doesn't have a homepage, you can still take a look at Julia's Navel
(NOTE: Julia's Navel no longer looks like this. I'll keep the pictures here for posterity. :-) )

Ryan's Homepage
Home of, well, whatever exactly it is that Ryan has put there

David Kriegh's Home Page
"So we sailed beneath the waves
Until we found the Sea of Green"

Joschi's Home Page
Nice picture! :-) You know, there are some decaffinated brands on the market that taste just as good as the real thing.

Peter's Home Page
Okay, the server is fixed and no longer spews chunks when trying to view this page. If you have a browser which supports Java and the Netscape HTML Extentions then Peter's page is rad! He's got some really neat graphics on there. If you don't, then you're best off not even trying.

George's Home Page
An expression in minimalism. Usurped the 'least personality of any site on the web' award from Ben's Page.

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