If you read the title for this page, you may have expected an assortment of astrological papers or something. I'll fess up -- there is nothing particularly Capricorn about these essays. I just needed something to put in the title bar, and since every other page here is "Capricorn this" or "Capricorn that" I thought "Capricorn essays" would work.

In The Beginning Was The Command Line
An excellent essay by Neal Stephenson about what, exactly, constitutes an operating system. It discusses the state of the OS market today, the philisophical implications of that market, and what this all means to the average Joe. While that all sounds awfully dull, in typical Stephenson fashion it is very readable and actually quite funny.

On To Mars
This is a nice little perspective on the failure of the Mars Polar Lander, and what is happening to the once great the American space program.

In God We trust
An editorial piece by Robert S. Wieder regarding the usage of our national motto in public schools.

Original Stuff

I am not, truth be told, a prolifically original person. Consequently, there is only one original piece here. If I ever have anything else interesting to say, I will post it.
A Penny For Your Thoughts
A short essay in which I opine the imminent loss of freedoms which we all currently take for granted. This is actually an email message which I sent out to a group of friends. Although it is not as thorough as it ought to be, I felt it was good enough to appear here.

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